Monsters of Thay

Chapter 1

And so it begins...

A group of Thayan slaves, some old and some new to the lifestyle, were thrown into the arena pens and told to try to survive. There were several rounds and few survivors returning, until one group of five showed promise together and as such were chosen for a new sort of slave group, Slayers.

They were sent on their first mission the next day, after having magical manacles attached to one of their arms to keep track of them and stop them from running. They were taken out to the Thayan wilderness and armed. That done they were ordered to empty a hill cave of the insectoid vermin that have been messing up nearby Thayan work.

They found a dire boar at the entrance rooting around for a meal, and managed to convince it to step aside and allow them inside. After crawling through small, bug-infested tunnels they found a larger chamber filled with lightning clawed scorpions. After defeating them they then found a large, web-filled chasm, which forced them to work together to find safe ways for everyone to get to the other side safely.

Upon reaching the other side, Kotten, the magic using dwarf, realized that they had entered an odd bubble of magic, one cut off from the outside world. One noticeable effect of this was that the magical manacles that kept them enslaved no longer had the glowing runes upon them. They were still, however, seamless in-ward spiked and firmly attached to everyone’s forearms.

They did not have time to think much on this, however, as large jumping spiders crawled from the crevasses of the dug-out natural earth cave. This hard fought battle led them to finally decide to take a break, one that lasted several hours after securing the unexplored tunnel ahead of them.

With a significant rest behind them they proceeded onward down the sloping tunnel into a room with odd spider-people who spat webs at them and attacked them with weapons. After defeating them they found an oddity. A solid wall with a fixed and complex steel door.

On the door they found an inscription that no one recognized and three rows each with three symbols. Each row had symbols that represented magic or secrets, death, and tyrannical rule. After some experimentation they decided to force (with significant exhaustion) the rows to move so that all of the magic and secret symbols lined up. Opening the door.

Inside the door they found an empty room, clearly carved and not natural, made of stone. Off to one side they found another complex door that was locked and had an inscription in Chondathan (a human language used throughout the West and Heartland of the Realms) that said, “Daughter and Sister Eternally of the Land in Shadow, this Plagueland [known today as Changeland] is Secured in Your Passing.” and below the inscription there was a symbol of a crescent moon overlaid with a harp.

Not being able to open the door, however, the intrepid five decided to head of in the other direction, where they found odd insect-like reptilian creatures. Upon defeating them, however, they decided it was time for another rest.

The missing party members returned from guard duty and Prentice opened up the locked door that was skipped before. Inside they found whirling blades, crashing blocks of stone, a magical obelisk covered in glowing green runes, and a huge, humanoid rough cut statue with similar runes. They worked their way past the traps where Kotten started to take control of the magical pillar, but accidentally woke up the statue which carried out it’s previous instructions to kill people in the room and it, in turn, accidentally release a pair of fire beetles. Kotten, however, was eventually able take control of the runic pillar, turn off the traps, and take control of the statue.

The control of the statue came in handy when they used it to bash in part of the wall, which opened to a massive armor-covered insect-reptile thing and the statue helped lay it low as well as the horde of tiny hatchlings surrounding it.

Following the progressing tunnels they found a warren of passages dug out of the solid stone, as well as a hatching area, filled with more, young versions of the insect-reptiles.

After clearing these out they decided to try and dig out one of the collapsed tunnels and while this work was being done Prentice went back to check on the Red Wizard keepers of the group. He was warned that they needed to hurry and get back quickly or else it would be too late. No one cared. Eventually the Red Wizards left with their wagon and a massive hoard of undead zombies moved into the area. Some eventually made it into the cave which led to the decision to burn the web bridge down, cutting off the only way out besides continuing to dig.



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