Monsters of Thay

Chapter 3

Into the Sunlight

Following the drow-provided map the party found their way to an underground river, which, according to the map, was the way out.

After going down the river a matter of feet they found a small carved shelf complete with an actual, civilized-looking door. They hadn’t realized until then just how much they missed the simple things that civilization brings you.

Going through the door into a stone-carved room they were confronted by a ghostly warrior, who informed them that they had two choices. One a powerful prison, the other full of undead horrors. They were also told that there was need to be cautious.

Proceeding onward the group found a room that had randomly appearing deadly scythe blades that would shoot across, as well as two magical discs. One embedded into the backside of the door that the party had opened, and the other in the corner. Upon closer examination it was determined that one was drawing energy from fire elements of the Elemental Chaos and the other was drawing on the Abyss, also in the Elemental Chaos.

Opening another door they found a team of warforged, which named Rust as a deserter and said, “If we bring him to the master perhaps we can get away from guarding ancient relics that no one even knows exist”. Upon defeating them (and opening two other doors, one revealing another warforged, along with a metal snake and two metal dogs and the other revealing a fiery angel and three demonic humanoids filled with rage). They then proceeded to another path that led them to another set of warforged and a small clay creature. Using the pit-trap against the very creatures that guarded the room, this fight was quickly and easily won.

Heading onward, with an unusually small gang this time around (the others had distemper or some such thing and had to stay home) four brave adventurers headed onward. Defeating the metallic defenders and also nearly defeating an angel who was teamed up with three demons. While the fight raged and was close to being lost, Peren drew the enemies after him as he rushed into the central part of the mystical prison, which held a massive, red-skinned demon chained to a stone throne. Everyone else escaped and heard his screams. Oh, and Dartanoso died, surely only a minor set-back.

Several hours later, after a good rest, Peren returned to them. Seemingly in one piece and quite alive, with stories of having spoken to this self-professed Demon Lord, Eltab. He came with a message that they should return to free him when they were powerful enough in order to allow him to slay Szass Tam, leader of all Red Wizards, Thay, and master of all the undead in the realm that threaten those around him. For this he informed Peren that he is being held to be used in another attempt at a massively powerful ritual that Tam had previously attempted in order to gain power greater than the gods. The first attempt failed and so now Tam must conquer a new realm to try it again. Eltab is being held in the meantime. Lastly, Peren mentioned that Eltab felt a very unusual thing when the ritual was being cast the first time. Magic that wasn’t supposed to exist flowed through him. Peren did not mention any more than this.

The party went to confirm all of this with the imprisoned Eltab, and the Demon Lord seemed a bit put off by having to explain things a second time. And off the four brave adventurers went.

And what they found was the exit…being guarded by a squad of Shadar-Kai. The shadow-infused guardians quickly launched into their offensively to bring down the party and, as it turned out, they were successful. Everyone was captured and hauled of in chains to who knows where, but almost certainly back into slavery…

With some skill and help from Budo and Jenda-Shan, two genasi cousins in the employ of the Chiascaro family, everyone was free and the gang was sent on their way safely out of Thay and on to Veltar, Aglarond, where they saw to the raising of both Dartanoso and Mercurious.

The only trouble was, Dartanoso’s parents were missing!



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