Monsters of Thay

Chapter 4

Island Rescue

The party discovered through the captain (of the Even Keel) of the Chiascaro family at the Two Shores Trading House (a half-elf man named Roderick) that Dartanoso’s parents had gone off on some crazy adventure following reports of an artifact.

Arriving at the island the Even Keel was attacked by a Sea Drake. The party encountered and helped the native population while defeating beasts, exploring dense jungle islands, and defeating Thayan agents working for a Red Wizard named Ulars Bhet.

They found and defeated Bhet only to find that he had been using a powerful magic crown along with an ancient aquatic gargoyle to control the Sea Drake and further he had the only intact ship on the area, the Raptor, where he was also holding the Chiascaro family.

Along the way the party found an odd area of raging Blue Fire that burned cold that seemed to be responsible for the destruction of the local temple/ziggurat.

Much fighting occurred and the Chiascaros were freed, the agents of Thay defeated, and the Raptor captured. It turned out that the Raptor was the artifact that the Chiascaros were in hunt for, being an ancient Halruaan vessel, the fact of which was rather exciting since the Halruaans were known for using flying ships.

With the raptor in hand everyone headed off to the safety of Aglarond.



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