Monsters of Thay

Having escaped from the island with the Raptor now under their control (a good thing, since the Two Shores fleet of three ships was 2/3rds destroyed) the party led the way toward safety in Aglarond.

Along the route they came across an Earth Mote floating through the air towards the islands that had a small, sparkling blue spot on it…and then a swarm of what turned out to be flaming blue/black wraiths swirled around the flying stone. One broke away and wrought havoc on the ship, but with some skill the creature was defeated, although many of the crew had been slain.

Arriving back in Aglarond the local resources informed the party that there was likely two ways to remove the slave bracers. Use the control rod last seen in the hands of (what’s his name), the Red Wizard slaver or use the forge where the bracers were originally created to destroy them. They also learned that the bracers seemed to be old items of Imaskari make.

The Chiascaros agreed to continue looking into this matter, as well as gather information about the Raptor and take the ship into their fleet. But they suggested that the former slaves get far away from Thay and instead take the Raptor on it’s maiden voyage as a member of the Two Shores, to visit their offices in Westgate.

The journey began with an attack just a few days out of port by undead shark-people and their living masters.

Several days after this the party spotted a pair of flying kraken, but were able to avoid the trouble.

And then the party had problems when a crew member sent to help train the new crew turned up missing. After some investigation there was no sign of the cause of this event but a few days later it became clear when another Red Wizard named Zerthas, showed, up, summoned a small army of devils, and a female crew member revealed herself to be a succubus.

After a hard fight where the succubus almost escaped with Dok in hand, the devils were defeated but the Red Wizard, once again, escaped, and the Raptor arrived safely in port at Westgate, where they met Belaqua, the third partner of the Two Shores.



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