If you’ve missed a session or two or you’re just feeling lost and without purpose, this page will keep you updated on our various adventuring goals. Some of these goals are for the entire party, like taking revenge on Thay, while others are purely personal. Please keep personal goals to a few, measurable goals (feel free to discuss this with the Jeff for ideas) and can be relatively short term.

Party goals should only be added/changed by Jeff, but are decided by discussion of the party. So feel free to let me know if you have larger goals for the party that isn’t listed.


  • Find a way to remove the Thayan slave bracers (either with the anvil that created them or the control rod which can open them)
  • Repair the flight enchantments on the Raptor, and get it in the air again
  • Defeat Oshar
  • Get to HQ of the Five Companies
  • Find an artificer with the Five Companies who can help get the Raptor flying again
  • Figure out what the heck is going on with the blue souls going into Dok’s eyes


Branhoff Von Hassenbusch


Dok Tortran

Halfling ranger (male)

  • Find out why blue light keeps entering his eyes whenever an enemy falls
  • Find out where he is being pulled Northward and why

Doran Ironpick

  • DM Secret


  • Wants to restore Doran’s spirit


  • Return to Thay to find…something (DM secret)

Jenda Shan

  • Repay the Chiascaro family debt for helping herself and her family, total cost goal, 10,000 gp





  • REALLY wants the bracer off, and is willing to pursue this on his own if the party doesn’t make it a priority.



  • Have her child


  • Locate and confront the Red Wizard who created him

Sevril Cormathir

  • DM Secret



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